Get to Know Jamaica

Jamaica weather, like the other islands of Caribbean, has a tropical sea climate. It is named sea thanks to the influence of the ocean. In the daytime the sea is mostly cooler than the land. Winds blowing from the sea to the land will help chill the land. I felt just like I was sitting poolside watching the insane Italians have a family debate while drunk on Margaritas. She merited it, but somehow even she was able to giggle at her problem. She had it coming to her. She’d have the last giggle irrespective of everything else.

The Blue Mountains control the eastern 3rd of Jamaica, found between Kingston to the south and Port Maria to the north. The higher reaches of the mountains are saved as forest while the lower slopes are devoted to Jamaican coffee production. An awesome mixture of rich soil, cool and foggy conditions, high rainfall and good soil drainage yields an especially top of the range coffee. Coffee grown at elevations between three thousand and 5,500 feet has been historically known as Jamaica Blue Mountain.

Coffee is Delicious in Jamaica

The misty conditions are said to slow the expansion of the coffee, so manufacturing a rather more dense ( and tasty ) bean. The culture of this country is a rich mix of cultures of the first Taino settlers and their Spanish conquerors. The blacks and slaves are the dominant cultural force nevertheless, as they were those who suffered and withstood the tough conditions that were implemented on them.

The culture is influenced by Chinese and Indian cultures too, due to the immigrants from these nations. Official language of the country is English. Watch where you walk – take care the thorns don’t stick you! ( They sound sort of awkward in English. ).

The people here are friendly and great. If you ever happen to land on the island be sure to explore it and get to know what they have to offer.

That’s pretty much it for a quick overview of this slice of beautiful paradise. In the next articles we’ll take a look at some of the small hotels, large hotels and resorts you can visit if you come to Jamaica.